When Setting The AI Strategy Is Critical

And The Team Is Looking To YOU For Answers

Introducing Digital Assets Team University

Empowering Leaders in the Age of AI

Welcome to the forefront of executive education, where the future of digital assets unfolds.

At Digital Assets Team University, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and strategic leadership, offering curated insights and practical knowledge tailored for today’s C-Suite executives.

Join us to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and lead your organization towards groundbreaking success.

For Executives with a bias towards action

How Does DAT U Help You?

DAT U empowers corporate leaders to lead the charge in a tech-driven world, offering deep insights into AI and emerging technologies.

Our platform ensures you can craft forward-thinking strategies and make informed decisions, all while maintaining unwavering confidence during high-level tech briefings—without needing to be a tech expert.

How it Works

Our Approach: Education, Application, Outlook

One benefit of DAT U is our 60-minute live sessions for a blend of insight, application, and foresight.

Engage with peers, dissect case studies, and explore future trends to lead with confidence.

Missed a session? Catch up with member-only replays.

  • Education

    Every two weeks, join us online as we demystify emerging tech, tailored for C-Suite impact and strategy.

  • Application

    Explore real-world case studies to see tech in action, translating innovations into business growth.

  • Outlook

    Peer into the future with strategic discussions on emerging trends, preparing you for what's next.

Continuous Confidence in a Changing Environment

The Three Pillars of DAT U


What's At Stake

In a world where AI and digital technologies rapidly redefine industries, staying ahead is not just an advantage—it’s imperative.

At DAT U, we equip you with the insights to navigate this fast-paced evolution, ensuring you’re never left behind in the relentless march of progress. 

72% of U.S. CEOs say generative AI is a "top investment priority."

KPMG KPMG 2023 U.S. CEO Outlook

The PwC Digital IQ Survey consistently shows that a CEO’s digital acumen correlates with the company’s financial performance.

PwC Digital IQ Survey

Being a "digital leader" not a "digital laggard" Figuring out how to actually leverage tech innovation, whether that's AI or a new software platform, is a longstanding issue.

McKinsey McKinsey Digital Survey

“Generative AI will profoundly impact business and operating models,”

Mark Raskino Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner

Most companies are not ready to deploy generative artificial intelligence at scale because they lack strong data infrastructure or the controls needed to make sure the technology is used safely

Accenture Julie Sweet, CEO
Why it Works

Finally A Solution For The C-Suite


DAT U is designed by and for senior executives for relevant learning and meaningful discussion


Our faculty is building in this space and our guests are renowned leaders in technology


DAT U teaches the implications of tech for corporate leaders, not programmers


Membership includes onboarding and quarterly confidential discussions about your unique business challenges and opportunities

How To Join

Corporate Membership Only

Companies enroll in DAT U for annual access to a world of resources tailored for executive leadership.

Each membership includes seats for (minimum) two executives, granting full access to our extensive resources, exclusive bi-monthly meetings, and dedicated expert support, designed to elevate strategic decision-making and innovation.

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